Ryan Forbes has been on the water his whole life! Fishing in Alaska at age 11 taught him work ethic and the love for the ocean. His love for his family and life is contagious!

Orcas Outdoors Inc. was started by Ryan and Amee Forbes in 1998. They began boating in the islands as young kids. The passion for the water grew into sailboat racing and skippering small boats while paddling and exploring the waterways. The passion for kayaking was really put forth while learning about the ancient building of skin boats used by natives for hunting and feeding their family.

Now Orcas Outdoors wants to share the knowledge gained over 20 years with you. The best journey learned over time has been kayak camping eating gourmet food over campfire with wine and amazing sunsets. Hearing the whales at dusk ...running to see them ...staying up late enough to see the marine phosphorescence and truly relaxing.


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